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Out-Einsteining Einstein
Jan 19, 2008
“[...] Moffat has shown remarkable perseverance and an exceptional ability to think "outside the box." And his book — elegantly written... — provides a compelling insider's view of modern physics.”
—Dan Falk, Globe and Mail
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“Solid, mainstream popular science.” —Kirkus

“If [his theory] stands the test of time, Moffat will have created a paradigm shift not seen since Newton.”
Publishers Weekly

“Einstein's gravity theory is about to be proved wrong, and this book explains it for us, in plain English.”
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“[...] a very informative and interesting book written by someone who has the credentials to know what he is talking about. Reinventing Gravity may well be the book that will introduce you to the new frontier on cosmology.”
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So you think you can do theoretical physics?
—Boston Globe
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“At last John Moffat’s book is out! The voice of dissent in a sad world where every young scientist is sucking up to the dusty establishment. If you don’t want to hear the same old things repeated yet again this is just the book for you. A mind-boggling foray into the odd world of gravity, straight from the mouth of the master heresiarch.”
—JOÃO MAGUEIJO, Professor of Physics, Imperial College, London UK, and author of Faster than the Speed of Light

“In Reinventing Gravity, John Moffat reveals to the public a scientific debate that has received little exposure until now: namely, attempts to improve upon Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Although the subject is based on sophisticated mathematics and subtle experiments, Moffat is able to present his subject in plain language that enables the reader to appreciate the extraordinary significance and drama of these endeavors.”
—PAUL STEINHARDT , Director of the Center for Theoretical Science, Professor of Physics at Princeton University, and co-author of Endless Universe

“There have arisen several observational hints, not proofs, that Einstein’s 1916 theory of general relativity is inadequate. In his new book Professor Moffat explains how various effects (e.g. dark matter) are better accommodated by his modified gravity (MOG) theory. The main value of Moffat’s book may be that it provides the healthy skepticism necessary to allow progress beyond Einstein. Moffat’s book is like a breath of fresh air on approaches to understanding gravity.”
—PAUL H. FRAMPTON, Louis D. Rubin Jr. Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina

“For anyone interested not only in the gravitational issues themselves but also in the nature of the never-ending struggle over ideas, which is the essence of research itself, this is a book to read.”
—PHILIP MANNHEIM, Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, University of Connecticut



In November 2008, John Moffat gave several radio interviews, some of which are available here.
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